Fill Your Jobs with Trained Heroes

National Guard Members Bring Top Skill Sets to Your Workforce

Looking for outstanding, reliable and drug-free employees?  The nonprofit American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign gives you direct access at no cost to thousands of highly trained National Guard members who are back from deployment and transitioning to civilian jobs.

“Many people don't realize that National Guard members complete one rigorous training program after another in disciplines very relevant to civilian employers,” said Steve Nowlan, campaign director.  “Plumbers, electricians, cooks, IT experts, nurses, dentists, bulldozer drivers, cable runners, project managers, technicians, machine operators and even HR people are among the scores of diverse skills needed by a small military city.  Guard training never ends,” he continued.

In fact, the National Guard trains in 107 occupational specialties, making the men and women of the National Guard among the most highly qualified employment candidates in America.  Guard members are focused on continuous learning and performance improvement goals.

Check out the skills photo gallery here for some surprising examples:

“The men and women in the Guard have to put these skills to work immediately in disaster situations.  They might have to organize meals for a thousand residents in a hurricane, or put a water purification system in a community that was flooded,” said Todd Young, campaign communication director.  “The skill sets the Guard brings into play at a moment’s notice in disasters are ready to go for civilian employers who need results-oriented employees.”

When you post jobs in this campaign, your postings flow directly to hundreds of state National Guard employment counselors who are working one-on-one with Guard candidates to match them to your job requirements.  These counselors facilitate matches by helping you understand how military training and experience translates to your civilian requirements. 

You can watch a five-minute video about the campaign – -- and then visit the website at to register online.  A campaign counselor will contact you to set up your posting and answer questions.  All services are free.  More than 800 employers are already participating.

Questions?  Contact: Steve Nowlan, Center for America, 201-513-0379 or