Burlington Chamber Gift Check Program

Burlington Gift Checks – a program that works!

Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce Gift Checks make an ideal thank you gift, a wonderful Christmas or Holiday gift, perfect for babysitters, teachers, just about everyone on your list. Certificates are available at Johnson Bank in Burlington.

The checks are available in any amount of $10.00 or more at either bank and they will make the checks to "Any Burlington Area Business" in the amount that you request. There is a designated line on the check for you to fill in the recipient's name. You just write one check to one of these banks and all of your holiday chores are completed!

This is how it works for any merchant. Any Burlington Area Business can accept the gift check. The check should be accepted as cash.  Merchants will then simply deposit the check with their regular business deposit. 

What if the amount is not exact?  When the merchants receive the gift check and it is not an exact amount, the merchant will accept it as cash then give the customer the change of whatever is remaining. For example: If the amount of the gift check is $20 and the customer spends $11.56, the customer will receive back the difference.

Questions? If you have any questions on how to handle these checks that support our “Buying Locally” program, please call the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce at 763-6044, Associated Bank at Johnson Bank 262-757-1150.

Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our fine community. We hope that this program will continue to be of value to you and your company. Remember to stop by the banks that sponsor this program to purchase the Gift Certificates. If your business needs a large quantity, just call ahead to make the arrangements. And, have a wonderful holiday season.