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Winkler Elementary School

34150 Fulton St.
Burlington, WI 53105


Winkler is located just south of the city of Burlington next to Bohner's Lake.  Some consider Winkler "in the country" however, it is just a few minutes south of the city of Burlington.

Mission Statement

"Learning for all, now and always."  

We believe in and are committed to creating a cognitively vibrant atmosphere where it is a shared belief in the importance of learning.  In addition, we are committed to teaching our students the importance of good character and demonstrating care and respect for all.  

Vision Statement

The students of Winkler Elementary School will be motivated to:

  • work in collaboration with each other, staff, parents, and community stakeholders to become productive citizens.
  • pursue dreams of higher education and careers.
  • develop habits of mind that nurture their individual creative talents, intellect, and social-emotional well-being.

Winkler Elementary School will:

  • provide an engaging, enjoyable, innovative curriculum that nurtures the key cognitive strategies necessary for their academic advancement including college and career readiness.
  • be staffed by highly qualified, committed, and caring individuals.
  • ensure effective, ongoing, open communication between all stakeholders.

The community of Winkler Elementary School will:

  • model and support the academic and social-emotional well-being of each individual.
  • nurture a systemic culture of learning and growth.
  • celebrate throughout their educational journey.


  • Lifelong Learning – Diligent and steadfast commitment to learning
  • Collaboration – Learning through collegiality with all stakeholders
  • Integrity – Honesty, respect, and compassion
  • Creativity – Inspire resourcefulness, innovation, and talent


  • Achievement – We commit to Balanced Assessment, Best Instructional Practices, Common Standards, and Curriculum Alignment.
  • Diversity – We provide a safe, supportive and caring environment, inclusive of our diverse learning population.
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) – Our culture of dialogue and reflection will help us make informed instructional decisions.



Winkler Elementary School
34150 Fulton Street
Burlington,  WI  53105
Phone:  262-539-2726
Fax:  262-539-2217

Principal:  Mr. Joel Graham
Administrative Assistant & Health Aide:  Mrs. Cory Busch
Counselor:  Ms. Jean Freund

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