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Redmer & Sons Recycling & Auto Core, Inc.

680 Maryland Avenue
Burlington, WI 53105


Redmer and Sons specializes in recycling auto cores and scrap metal, including, but not limited to, copper aluminum, steel and catalytic converters. As customers can discern from our company’s name, our business is family-owned. We appreciate each and every one of our valued customers as though they are members of our own family.

Our pricing is honest and fair, and each of our representatives is here to serve you. Redmer and Sons offers premium prices for first-time customers, as well as customer referrals. We accept materials brought in by customers and local residents, and serve all of Burlington as well as its surrounding areas. No matter what type of scrap metal product you may have, we will take it in and ensure that the material can be reused properly.

Visit our Location in Burlington:

Everything that we recycle, such as copper, aluminum, sheet metal, or catalytic converters, is usd to make original products.  Our competitive prices will ensure that our dealers get the quality products to make outstanding lower priced new products from your recycled goods.

Help to keep the Earth – and your wallet – green by bringing your reusable materials to Redmer & Sons Recycling in Burlington today!




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