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Immaculate Conception St. Mary Parish

Fr. Jim Volkert
108 McHenry St.
Burlington, WI 53105

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Immaculate Conception (St Mary) Parish is a Roman Catholic parish located in Burlington, Wisconsin and is part of the of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Our faith, commitment, history, and continued education are all very important parts of this parish. The earliest record of mass being said in this community was in 1838. By 1845 the first Catholic church, St Sebastian, was built. The community quickly outgrew this first church and it was replaced by a cobblestone church in 1859. In 1891, the third (and current) church was built, though it was almost completely lost in a fire in 1977. The church was restored to much of its original beauty and was rededicated in 1979.

Besides building numerous churches over the years, the parish also founded St Mary Preschool (1991), St Mary Grade School (1860), and St Mary High School (1924). The high school is now called Catholic Central High School and is run as a joint effort of many area parishes. Through a period of almost 120 years, approximately 350 School Sisters of Notre Dame taught in our schools. Though they are no longer with us, we are forever grateful for them helping build our schools and parish. Thanks also to the many dedicated and caring individuals that continue to make our schools strong in numbers and rich in faith.

Our parish also recognizes and supports the need for religious education of everyone. The parish provides religious education for school age children, for adults, and for those with special needs. Immaculate Conception Parish also recognizes the need to: assist those that are homebound and sick; assist those in our community by supporting local charities such as Love Inc. and TLC; and to help support those abroad including a sister parish in Uganda, Africa.

Please join us for mass. If you are a member, or are thinking about joining our parish, consider enrolling in our education programs and challenge yourself to become an active member of our parish community. 

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