Hands-on Equilibrioception Challenges & MORE

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Hands-on Equilibrioception Challenges & MORE

03/11/2017 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

The public is invited to these “play, practice & workshop” sessions with hands-on action and skill toys in Burlington, Wisconsin.

All sessions are offered for kids ages 8-108 and adults, families and grandpa, too; at the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum on Saturday March 11, 2017. 

 There is a morning and an afternoon session, plus free fun outside at noon, and other options.   Participants may attend one or all sessions and anyone who signs up for both the 10 am and 1 pm sessions, receives a $2 coupon to use in the gift shop.

 >“Equilibrioception Challenges & MORE from 10 am until noon has a $10 admission, cash only. Many balance tips are used throughout this session.   The morning includes seeing a magic trick by Stan Timm then learning 2 magic tricks.  Fun includes Yo-Yo demonstrations, a “Show-what-you-know” with your own yo-yo time; a quick demo of odd yo-yos by  Yo-Yo Collector Judith Schulz; and a fun quick yo-yo contest.

Learn tips on how to balance objects and try the balance challenges. There are fun little door prizes and contest prizes. Each person should either bring their own skill toys or buy them before the session starts.  A few items will be available to sample such as a kendama and a cup n’ ball.  Participants must provide or buy their own yo-yos to use in the session. 



> Free sidewalk fun at noon: Participants practice and demonstration yo-yos and kendamas. This is held outside in front of the Museum, weather permitting.  The public is welcome to watch or take part with their own skill toys.



> “Action & Skill Toy Challenges” is the afternoon fun session from 1-4, with admission of $15/person, cash only. It is for ages 8-108, though not younger.  Everyone is asked to arrive by 12:45. The afternoon session offers demonstrations, challenges, quick contests, and show what you know and special balance challenges.

There will be a beginner’s quick juggling quick class, “Bet You Can’t” Challenges, tall balance challenges, a Cup 'n Ball contest, and learn 2 Kendama tricks.  Fun yo-yo contests include the longest walk-the-dog, longest sleeper, and the most rock-the-babies.  Participants will see a Diabolo demo and have a chance to try one   

Each person should bring their own skill toys or buy them before the session starts.  A few items will be available to sample such as a kendama, a cup n’ ball, and a diabolo.   Participants must provide or buy their own yo-yos and juggling balls to use in the session. Such items can be purchased upon arrival.  Participants are eligible for fun door prizes and contest prizes.



> A Beginners Yo-Yo Class, for ages 8-108; is offered from 4:30-5:30.  Participants may attend this class without taking part in the rest of the day if they choose. The yo-yo class fee is $35, which includes a high quality long sleeping $20 ball bearing yo-yo to keep!  Class members learn how to power throw, tips, and learn up to 10 classic yo –yo tricks. .Register in advance by calling.


The day’s workshops are part of the 22nd Annual Action Skill Toys & Yo-Yo Convention.  Other events are on May 19 and April 2, 2017.  Visit the website for more details. www.topmuseum.org


Call 262 763-3946 for information and to register. The non-profit educational Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum sponsors this learning and inter-generational workshop day, at 533 Milwaukee Av, Burlington, WI 53105.  Parking is free.


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