Bella's Summer Storytime: Miniature Gardens

07/07/2022 - 10:00am to 11:00am
Bella Botanica
1787 Walworth Street
Springfield, WI 53176

Make your own miniature garden during this fun workshop. We’ll be using materials to make the perfect hideaway for fairies, gnomes or whatever you desire. This hour-long workshop also includes a story read by Ms. Jane. Containers, soil, plants and some building supplies are included. Mini-Garden builders are also encouraged to collect fun nature items they may wish to build with prior to the workshop. Sticks, bark, pinecones, and acorns are great to use, but please only collect from the ground where you are allowed to. This workshop is perfect for kids and families. Space is limited! Cost: $10/child.

Event Sponsored By: 
Bella Botanica