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Memorial Hospital of Burlington

For over 75 years, Memorial Hospital of Burlington has been committed to providing high quality health care in a patient-focused environment.Opened on June 24, 1924, Memorial Hospital of Burlington began as a 22-bed hospital staffed by 14 people. Today, the hospital is a fully-accredited, general acute care hospital offering 24-hour care and extensive diagnostic and surgical services. It is staffed by over 500 employees and 100 physicians whose purpose remains constant: To provide Burlington and surrounding communities with the best health care possible.

In 1996, Memorial Hospital of Burlington affiliated with Aurora Health Care, Wisconsin’s largest non-profit health care system and largest private employer. Aurora’s presence in Burlington also includes the Burlington Clinic, the Aurora Wellness Center, the Western Racine County Health Department and Aurora Rehabilitation Services.

Memorial Hospital of Burlington also offers emergency services, cardiac services, diagnostic imaging, inpatient and outpatient surgery, intensive care unit, stereotactic breast biopsy and a women’s care center.

Investment in new technology is key to remaining competitive in the health care industry. Memorial Hospital of Burlington has made significant improvements in technology in recent years with the installation of a state-of-the-art Angiography/Cardiac Cath Suite allowing doctors the ability to view blood vessels from a three-dimensional perspective. The angiography suite helps patients with a variety of illnesses and conditions, including strokes and aneurysms.

Helping to ease the transition for people who are terminally ill was the idea behind the development of a hospice suite at Memorial Hospital of Burlington in early 2003. Hospice philosophy recognizes the needs of the patient and the family. The hospice suite is designed to care for people at the end of their life’s journey, who need short-term acute care or symptom management that cannot be managed in the home environment. To help meet the needs of family members who want to stay close to their loved ones, a family room is located adjacent to the hospice suite. The project was a collaboration between the hospital, the Visiting Nurse Association of Wisconsin and Our Hope of Burlington.

As part of its ongoing commitment to reach out to people in need throughout the Burlington area, the parish nursing program at Memorial Hospital of Burlington engages in a variety of activities to promote health and wellness. Those activities include blood pressure checks, home visits, providing referrals to outside agencies or professionals when the need arises, and serving parishioners before or following surgery. Education is also a key part of the parish nurses’role and is done one-on-one, in group settings, and through the church’s Sunday bulletin, monthly newsletters and church bulletin boards. Since the program’s inception in 1999, the parish nurses have made contact with 32,558 parishioners in the greater Burlington area.

A unique partnership between Memorial Hospital of Burlington and Burlington High School allow students enrolled in anatomy and physiology to have hands-on experiences with health care professionals. They are exposed to over 25 different health related positions, including an orthopedic surgeon, cardiologist, oncologist, and X-ray and respiratory technicians. Students observe living anatomy during surgical operations and medical guest speakers participate in their classes.

The Burlington Clinic, founded in 1952, features over 40 physicians representing many specialty areas including family practice, OB-GYN, perinatology, cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, internal medicine, and surgery. Other areas include walk-in services, urology, and ear, nose and throat.

With an emphasis on staying fit, the Aurora Wellness Center is a medically oriented center affiliated with Memorial Hospital of Burlington. The center features a team of health care professionals, state-of-art facilities and fitness equipment. The center focuses on improved fitness and overall well being. All memberships include a fitness profile and a complete orientation to the facility and equipment. The center also offers outpatient rehabilitation services, health education classes and programs for local students. Physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and occupational therapists are on site to treat or prevent work or sports-related injuries and offer pediatric rehabilitation and speech therapy. Aurora Wellness Center located on McCanna Parkway, Burlington, Wisconsin

The Western Racine County Health Department is affiliated with Aurora Health Care. The origins of the Western Racine County Health Department began when Racine County disbanded its health department in 1985. At that time, the city and town of Burlington approached Memorial Hospital of Burlington for assistance in providing state mandated community health services. A community health department, which was part of Memorial Hospital of Burlington, was then formed. A year later, the municipalities of Waterford, Rochester and Norway approached the health department for services. By the early 1990s, the towns of Raymond, Yorkville, Dover and the village of Union Grove were added to the department. The community health department was renamed the Western Racine County Health Department. When Memorial Hospital of Burlington affiliated with Aurora Health Care, the health department became part of Aurora. Today, the department serves 12 municipalities, including the village of Sturtevant.

-- from History of Burlington The original Burlington Memorial Hospital was finished in 1924. It was named as a memorial for all the veterans of the World War. Before that time, several practicing doctors used their homes as hospitals.